Hello world!

So another night of excellent food chez nous, if I do say so myself…! Oh what’s the point of being modest, I know I’m brilliant.

Feeling it today rather but I’m blaming it on the quality of the wine and not the quantity!

Most important things first, food

So we started with baked eggs in cream and parmesan, chives and smoked salmon.

All in a little ramekin with shards of toasted brown bread. Soft and smooth eggy cream, flakes of contrasting smoked salmon and the little kick from the chive made for a starter that we wanted to lick out of the dishes!

Following, we rolled into a joint of perfectly aged roast beef… After several attempts at sharpening the knives so we could carve, Fisher did the honours and we tucked into the pinkest slivers of juicy, tender beef with a rocket salad and beetroot cooked in orange and thyme. Drizzled over the top was a horseradish, lemon juice, chive and creme fraiche sauce… It was pretty hard work not to inhale it, except the beetroot which in typical ‘waiting 40 minutes for your guests to arrive from the pub’ style had crisped a little on the edges, they were slightly blackened crispy edges! But Rach wolfed it down!

Pudding was the blackened piece de resistance of baked Oreo cookie cheesecake, having dropped the jam roly poly concept as soon as the person who demanded cancelled! I sliced off the top, removing the majority of the charred taste, and served whopping slices with nothing more demanding than a splash of double cream. Heaven! I’ve used the same recipe before and it states an hour and a half in the oven but I always whip it out before then because it smells ‘well-cooked’ and it’s always too-far-gone so in future, I shall be risking taking it out at an hour and I’ll be damned if the egg whites deflate!!

(Pictures to be added!!)

So on to the drink….

Having recently taken to drink again after a year’s sabbatical, I have been taking baby steps into alcohol but last night those baby steps were dwarfed by rhinocerous feet!

We started with a little Sparkling Rose bought by Fi and Rach, whilst the boys went straight into the red, and deciding I was missing out on one of my absolute favourite’s, Wolfblass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon, I downed my rose to take a glass of red! Followed several more bottles of rose wine until Fisher was kicked out to the late night off license returning with more rose and cigarette supplies!

And so that was how the evening was spent, in the balmy glow of the candles, surrounded by sunflowers, toasting a new mortgage, 2 new jobs and an evening spent amongst good friends.

The roly poly demandee should be very sorry he missed it all…


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