Super Cannes and Super Food

So this evening, we went to see our friend, Jams’ band, Super Cannes, play at Bumper as part of the Fringe, the little brother of the Mathew Street Festival currently gracing the streets of Liverpool..!/pages/SUPER-CANNES/192019388281?ref=search

We arrived to the sight of our friend’s boyfriend high-tailing it out of there claiming there was no cold beer left but there was much evidence of plenty of cold beer so we ordered ourselves some drinks, chatted with old friends and tapped our toes to tunes! Ant was exhausted from a day of feeding revellers so we bid farewell to the gathered and pottered down the road to Tokyou on Berry Street.

We had recently ‘fallen out’ with Tokyou, we have had several poor takeaways recently and the wonderful guy who used to deliver them had left and so we’d taken our allegiance elsewhere. The last time, we’d gone there especially for duck, I heard a chap in the queue saying that it was back on form so since we were down there and both hungry and in need of some sustenance, we decided to give it a go. The queue was out of the door but it moved quickly and we had a table within 10 minutes.

We had a seat in the window which I loved, partly because Ant was falling asleep so the flashing of passing cards was keeping him awake but also because it meant a fly-on-the-wall view of a Bank Holiday Sunday night in Liverpool and the girls in warm coats and military boots compared with the girls in metre long false eyelashes and dresses that my mother would compare with a belt. A sure sign I’m getting old!  There was much falling off heels and walking into bins as well as huge groups of boys groping themselves as they walked past. Fascinating stuff.

I had decided on the way there that I wanted chicken and sweetcorn soup, it’s my ultimate feel good food and I think I needed it after the excesses of this weekend. Ant and I also decided to share some salt and pepper chicken wings and Ant went for some prawn toasts that I ‘helped’ him with. All lovely and fresh and like the old Tokyou. The salt and pepper chicken could have had a little bit more garlic and chilli but the soup was full and thick without that gloopy texture that sometimes comes with the egg white and with plenty of good chicken and full of sweetcorn. I also desperately want to buy the bowls it is served in for Halloween suppers!

Ant decided on chicken curry for his main with fried rice and I went for chilli char sui fried noodles. The chicken curry was light and fresh and full of vegetables and no one makes rice like Tokyou do. Thick and sticky enough to eat with chopsticks which is my ultimate test. My chilli char sui was full of thick, sweet pieces of tender pork and vegetables on top of the biggest pile of noodles I have ever seen. I could have eaten it all but I think my eyes were too big for my stomach and the chilli oil packed such a punch that I felt like my lips had been stung by a bee. But it was glorious stung feeling! It was also nice to try something other than singapore vermicelli which I think I might eat too much of! As we were finishing off, a chap came in with a folded stool, there must have been a seat shortage!

All in all, it was a lovely meal and a bargain at £18.20 for both of us with drinks… The menu is a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian and there is unlimited free green tea, be prepared for queues and very large portions. It’s not a place to linger over your wine after a long leisurely meal but it’s a great quick and friendly supper.

We caught a taxi home from the bombed out church, sidestepping the drunks lying on the pavement, and home to bed.

Tokyou, 7 Berry Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 9DF. 0151 445 1023


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