X Factor and an Indian Takeaway

So with the start of the new X Factor series starts the slew of takeaways arriving at Draycott Towers. Last night being dead on my feet and with weather outside that resembled mid-winter, we decided that nothing would be more perfect than a takeaway on our laps watching crap tv. I had spent all day in work, with Lee, eating absolute rubbish and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep without putting a few more calories in my system first!

We appear to have recently had a thief in our house mislaying all of our takeaway brochures so we decided to go on Just Eat.co.uk to look for a new Indian takeaway. Curries are a real balm to a rubbish day.

We settled on Lark Lane Tandoori because it had good reviews and because, and this is how hungry and tired we were, because every review said that it didn’t take long to arrive! There were gremlins in the Just Eat system so we called them to place our order instead. 45 minutes (which is a perfectly acceptable waiting time and a good chunk of the X Factor) later, the doorbell rang and in came the largest carrier bag of amazingly spicy smelling food!

It was Ant, Rob and I for supper and those boys are like locusts so we perhaps over-ordered but better to be over-prepared than staring wistfully at an empty aluminium tray. We had onion bhajis, chicken pakoras and chicken tandoori to start. The bhajis had a lovely texture, defined pieces of onion, and the pakoras were crispy with the right amount of spice to kick them into being more than an indian chicken nugget. The chicken tandoori was a supreme, with a bone, and once Ant had removed the bone to spare Rob’s squeamishness, the resulting chicken was delicious, tender as you’d expect from the yoghurt and charred tasting from the hot oven. I can’t get enough of the little pot of dip, I can’t even seem to invent a recipe for it! Very frustrating!

Following on from those, Ant went for his time-honoured favourite of a chicken tikka masala, Rob went for a chicken korma and I, being fragile and beginning to feel like I needed my bed, went for the equivalent of a big, warm hug, chicken passanda. The sauce was lovely and thick and full of almonds and cashews with a lovely nutty, creamy flavour and big, tender pieces of chicken. The boys had an egg pilau rice and I had vegetable rice because I love the texture of vegetables and rice together and we shared some keema naan and garlic naan. We also shared a cauliflower bhaji and a bombay aloo and both were dense with spice and onions, really tasty..

All in all, it was a great takeaway and one that we’ll definitely go back to! And in terms of the X Factor, my favourites so far, the chippendales from Southampton and the lady who worked in Tesco and sang like Tom Jones!

Lark Lane Tandoori, 60 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17. 0151 7277077


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