Poach Perfect

Please excuse my absence, I have been in the southern part of the world…

One of my absolute favourite suppers/breakfasts/lunches/snacks is Eggs Benedict… I adore the combination of the silky eggs and the sharp hollandaise sauce and the soft muffin and my personal preference the delicious waves of smoked salmon…

The one thing standing in my way of everyday Benedict brilliance is poaching eggs. I can cook nearly anything and everything and not many things make me fearful but I cannot poach an egg… Not even a little bit. Not with vinegar, not with stirring the water and not with using every pan in the cupboard… It’s heartbreaking because they’re my favourite eggs.

So like the answer to my prayers comes this amazing gadget from Lakeland Plastics:

A special poaching mechanism for £4.99 from Lakeland!

And because it’s silicon, you can also use it for baking and for jelly moulds.. I would like some heart shaped ones for pannacotta and romantic breakfasts!


Lakeland, 015394 88100. www.lakeland.co.uk


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