Curry in no Hurry..

So what feels like a hundred years ago, we got paid for the month of October and to celebrate this fact, and my new cape that makes me look adorable, we decided to go for a curry on the Friday night rather than for supper at mine. This reconvening of Supper Club was a welcome break from hunting Liverpool for name cards and desperately sourcing flowers to match the table cloth so I was fully in support!

The next day was to be Fiona’s 25th birthday and so we felt that an all-round celebration would be in order! Unfortunately, Rach couldn’t join us so it was with some sadness that we all met at The Passage to India on Bold Street. Fiona arrived first and was shown to a table with a waiting man when she had to make her desperately polite excuses and leave to actually be taken to the correct table!

After sitting around our menus and ordering multiple gin and tonics and Cobra beers, we finally got around to looking at the menu and ordering starters. We decided to go with the mixed starter platters so we could have a taste of everything. We asked if they had the chicken pakora on the selection and instantly the exceptionally attentive waiter popped to the kitchen to find out. They didn’t but they were more than happy to! Our starters arrived and they were absolutely huge and crammed with delicious food. There were onion bhajis and a sort of sweetcorn, curry spring roll, there were chicken pakoras and then breaded mushrooms stuffed with keema meat and sheesh kebabs. Alongside we had a massive pile of poppadoms and the obligatory dips. Everything was exceedingly fresh, tasty and we were full to the brim even so soon..

We couldn’t even finish the starters which must have been the first time we’ve ever left food and this didn’t bode well for our main courses but we were so stuffed.

Mains-wise, we had ordered a chicken korma for Fiona, a lamb vindaloo for Lee, a prawn balti for Jen, a nawabi murgh for me and a jalfrezi for Fisher. Fiona and I shared a pilau rice and I there might have been a mushroom pilau up the table somewhere. We each shared some naan, a keema naan stuffed full of tasty, fresh meat, a cheese naan and a garlic naan.

The most exciting moment must have been the arrival of Jen’s Balti, we’d seen a couple of explosive happenings down the room and had developed quite serious food/drama envy which was comforted when the waiter assured us we would have the same. The waiter arrived with a trolley with the equivalent of a camping stove on it and some pots of garlic and ginger and a smoking hot skillet. He added the oil, let it smoke and then added the ginger and garlic so that the following happened:

For the purposes of writing this, I obviously had to try everything. Each of the curries was thick and tasty, the sauces refreshing and aromatic with spices. We all had to taste a little of Lee’s vindaloo, especially as even the waiter had tried to dissuade him and I think that’s pretty much a sign you should try something else, and it was hotter than the fires of hell but actually despite the searing heat, it was actually very tasty and you could taste the flavour of the chillis, peppers and onions from behind the heat.

My nawabi murgh was 2 chicken breasts in the most wonderful sauce. I am struggling to define everything that was in it but it was fresh with coriander and lemon juice and it was so easy to eat, although I did have to leave half due to being full to bursting point.

We all agreed that it was one of the best curries we’ve eaten in a long time and the staff were verging on too attentive. It was such a nice meal with great friends and we ended up going around the corner to the world famous Jacaranda for a beer on the way home stuffed with curry and giggling over shared experiences.

Sometimes you realise you are so lucky to have certain friends…

A Passage To India, 76 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HR. 01517096441

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