Macaroons en Masse

So yesterday, I decided to play with my basic macaroon recipe. When stuck in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, with little to do, you can really take the time to hone a recipe to distinction.

On my way home on Tuesday, we stopped in Banbury to take the Magimix to be mended and I found a cake decorating shop. With huge excitement, I bought some pink edible glitter and some new cupcake cases with which to make the Marshmallow Cupcakes from the Hummingbird book! I also found the tube of pearl lustre below for £2.95 and I was excited about what I could add a lustrous shine to! And then I realised I could have a lustrous macaroon!

I decided to make several batches as I had industrial sized amounts of ground almonds and icing sugar and I wanted to find the perfect ginger macaroon. I love ginger especially when paired with dark chocolate and the slightly chewy, marzipan-ish base of a macaroon seemed the perfect carriage for this!

I tried one batch with chopped stem ginger in the mixture, I tried one batch with ground ginger in the mixture and one with just ginger in the chocolate. I also made some vanilla macaroons by adding the seeds from within a vanilla pod and vanilla extract and filled these ones with milk chocolate.

After about the fifth tray, I managed to get my macaroons to rise and they started to look like the ones in the patisseries in Paris. I’ve just scoffed another one and with every second they age, they seem to get a nicer texture.

I followed the recipe in the previous post about macaroons as it was straight forward and I had all of the ingredients. I think next time I shall try another recipe! I enclose a load of photos because it’s nice to see a variety of macaroons. I’m going to try coffee and lemon varieties next and found lemon essence in Waitrose which I thought was impressive!


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