Culinary Coup

I love it when you create an accidental masterpiece. Those little culinary coups that come with arsing about with the fridge door open. I don’t mean mixing a super noodle with lamb’s heart and chilli jam but the little things that make you smile.

Following on from my crumpet adoration yesterday, I was lurking about the fridge (I’m home alone and in the overwhelming spirit of boredom can’t stay out of the kitchen, well it’s that or Songs of Praise) and I chanced upon a packet of smoked salmon and some seriously ripe Brie de Pays and ta da crumpety heaven was born.

A different version of being home alone…

I toasted 2 crumpets and spread one with horseradish, pepper and lemon juice and then created waves of smoked salmon across the top. I can’t abide shoddy presentation even if it is only me eating it! The other crumpet, I layered with some deliciously ripe Brie de Pays and a splash of chilli jam. The hot crumpet caused the brie to fall down the wonderful little holes! Sublime.

Now I’m not expecting to win Masterchef with these beauties and I didn’t even make the crumpets myself, although one day I intend to, but I wouldn’t be ashamed to present these to a visiting friend. Well perhaps a close one like my long suffering, fraternally obliged best friend. Then again, he would eat the contents of a compost bin given half the chance.

Suffice to say my crumpets have won over my heart and I’m feeling more and more like myself with every passing minute…

Get out the toasting forks, people, and go wild with crumpets.


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