Bread and Milk, Bloxham, Oxfordshire

Last weekend, the matriarch and I headed to IKEA in the super early hours of Saturday morning to grapple, publicly and in a car park, with a chest of drawers so mammoth they have not yet made it upstairs to the bedroom they were intended for. I love IKEA but I do not love getting up so early that you see only milkman and the kind of dog walkers that find gruesome things and by the time we came back through the sleepy villages of Bloxham and Adderbury, I was so hungry I could have foraged into the IKEA bags for some krispbrod or some gravadlax.

For years, we’ve been driving past ‘Bread and Milk’ in Bloxham whilst it has been closed or there hasn’t been any parking. I’ve always wanted to go in because it looks pretty and I love pretty. Mum and I had agreed that like Daylesford, these places can be so snooty and so we’d pop our heads round the door and see what they had if there was a parking space to be found. Lady Luck was on our side and we could pull up right outside the door.

Walking into the great big doors, there is a small shop room on the left hand side, a courtyard at the back and the main delicatessen is on the right hand side. In the main delicatessen, there was a huge table of cakes and fresh bread which looked amazing. Really big cupcakes with bright and attractive frosting. The big fridge was laden with goodies like locally made sushi, pates, wines, beers and ciders, nicely wrapped cheese, puddings and dairy items. There was another fridge at the counter filled with antipasti style meats and the most wonderful looking pies.

We sat at these pretty wrought iron tables and immediately the friendliest people came to see what we would like. Mum ordered a coffee and I ordered a pink lemonade. The coffee was a huge cafetiere of fresh coffee and my pink lemonade came in a huge wine glass which was a lovely touch! We ordered a rare roast beef and ham and mustard baguette each and it came with salad and crisps. The bread was wowingly fresh and it was delicious and just right for lunch.

The exceptionally nice lady at the counter stopped to talk to me about the jumper I was wearing and Mum got chatting to the man who owns it. He explained that he rarely takes a day off and that when he does he jumps every time the phone rings and Mum who had left her shop for the day felt she’d had a kindred spirit. In the room above the deli, there is a lovely shop of beautiful gift and homely things.

It was such a nice place to stop and they were so so friendly. I bought some smoked mackerel pate, a cookie and a beef and stilton pie. They were all exceptionally delicious!

10/10 for brilliant neighbourhood shopping!

Bread and Milk, 15a Church Street, Bloxham, Oxfordshire, OX15 4ET. 01295 721641.


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