St Patrick’s Day..

I’m not a huge celebrator of saints’ days. I don’t have a lot of time for St Patricks because when you’ve lived in Liverpool, you know it to be a day of drinking to the point of illness and when you’ve worked in a Liverpool pub on St Patricks, you will have probably cleaned up said illness. But I do enjoy the occasional pint of Guinness and also a glass of Baileys.

I think traditionally I should be recommending potato farls, which I adore, Guiness and oysters but these are hard things to come across in a small sleepy village like Charlbury. I have added a recipe for colcannon and smoked haddock today. I do love smoked haddock, for some reason it’s such a chunky and satisfying fish and it goes so well with savoury flavours like potatoes and cabbage.

Smoked Haddock, Colcannon and Potted Shrimp Cream Sauce

  • a nice piece of smoked haddock and milk for poaching
  • 3 floury potatoes (e.g. Desiree or King Edward)
  • 50ml of milk
  • half a green cabbage
  • one small onion
  • 2 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 100ml double cream
  • small pot of potted shrimps and their potting butter
  • a bay leaf
  • a small handful of cheddar
  • a spoonful of English mustard

1) Peel the potatoes and place in a large pan, bring to the boil adding the cabbage for the last 5 minutes. Slice and saute the onion.

2) Place the smoked haddock in a small pan with milk so that its covered and poach for 3 minutes. Remove from the heat and cover with a lid for a further 5 minutes.

3) Whilst this is sitting, add the potted shrimps and their butter to a small saucepan. Saute until the butter is melted and add the cream to the pan. When this is beginning to boil, add the cheese and mustard and stir until it is thoroughly combined and the cream has thickened.

4) Mash the cooked potatoes and stir through the milk, cabbage, thyme leaves and sauteed onion. Season. Place the haddock on top of the potatoes and pour the cream sauce over the top.

Now you can open that Baileys!

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!


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