Weekend Lunchy/Brunchy Mushrooms on Sourdough Toast

Saturdays and Sundays are heavenly aren’t they? Admittedly, more so if you don’t have to work but there’s just such a wonderful feeling as Friday ticks down into the weekend. We all feel it. And there are those little traditions that you indulge in on the weekends, perhaps a thick weekend paper (I like the Sunday Times for sheer amount of reading material!) and a cup of coffee, a walk around antique shops followed by tea and cake or making a special lunch because you can. Because that’s it really, if you work from Monday to Friday and lunch usually consists of soup from your thermos thimble (yours is probably larger than a thimble but mine manages about two spoons) or a supermarket sandwich, the idea of cooking your lunch on the weekend seems quite luxurious and hedonistic.

I’m at home today, trying to shake off this throat infection, and I have been left tasks such as clearing out kitchen cupboards so I’ve been listening to Zoe Ball on Radio 2 chatting with Cage the Elephant which was a nice accompaniment to something as dull as going through my mother’s cupboards. There are pieces of china that last saw action in sixties and more odd shaped serving dishes than in the whole of John Lewis.

Anyway, this kind of manual labour requires a nice lunch and while we have a half-working, half-ornamental oven at the moment, it needed to be something rather simple. Mum had brought home a loaf of sourdough from DeGustibus last night and it’s my absolute favourite so I decided to have something on toasted sourdough (although this scratching a sore throat turned out not to be my best idea ever!). I found some sad and wrinkly mushrooms at the bottom of the fridge and some bacon slices. We always have creme fraiche in the fridge and I utilised some herbs, lemon and garlic but otherwise this was super simple and I’m certainly not crediting it as an original idea, it’s definitely a classic but it’s nice sometimes to be reminded of something you might fancy for lunch!

You can of course remove the bacon, so that this is vegetarian or you could remove the creme fraiche and just rely on the buttery residue from the mushrooms or you could add cheese or spring onions. Basically, it’s a stock recipe to work from. Jamie Oliver always puts chilli with his mushrooms because he says they’re natural bedfellows so that’s another one you could have gone for.

Mushrooms and Bacon on Sourdough Toast

  • 2 slices of sourdough bread, lightly toasted
  • a handful of mushrooms, sliced
  • 2 slices of smoked bacon, chopped
  • 2 dessertspoons of creme fraiche
  • a couple of leaves of thyme and chopped flat leaf parsley
  • 2 garlic cloves
  1. Add butter and oil (enough to stop the butter burning but butter cooks mushrooms better so heavier on the butter side) to a small pan.
  2. Add the bacon and cook until browned.
  3. I used my new, spangly garlic crusher to add the garlic to saucepan but you could crush it and chop it. Although saying that, now I’ve used a crusher, I don’t think I will ever bother chopping garlic any differently. It’s so quick.
  4. Cook until the garlic is translucent and add the mushrooms. Add a small amount more butter and your herbs until the mushrooms are soft and cooked.
  5. Add the creme fraiche and stir through.
  6. Tip the mushrooms out on to the toast and season to taste.

Now take the papers, a nice long drink of something refreshing and tuck in..


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