The good news is that I’m back in my flat. The sadder news is that my kitchen is now so very shiny, I’m afraid of cooking something so as not to ruin the perfection.

However, in all of the moving from Premier Inn to best friend’s floor to Leeds and back to the Premier Inn, I have managed to have some lovely suppers recently.

The Premier Inn in Liverpool, the cheaper less glamorous one, is situated in the business district which is a happening place by day and turns into the local rainbow district by night. It’s great for a night out on the pink cocktails but as far as eating establishments go, it’s pretty quiet. The restaurants there must suffer at 6pm when all of the trains take the last office workers out of Liverpool and home to Eastenders and supper.

The James Munro, where I’ve been before, is one of these businesses that seems to suffer from where it is. It serves some of the best food in Liverpool and yet, it’s so quite in the evenings you could hear a pin drop.

The night I visited was chilly and there was a roaring log fire in the grate. The two girls who served me couldn’t have been more helpful. They were quick to offer me a seat next to the fire and I perused the menu. The extra bargainacious menu was on offer with 2 courses at £13.95 and the mussels were sorely tempting. The a la carte menu is more expensive but not desperately so if you’ve been living in the South of England and more things stood out on there so I went for that.

To start with I had a ham hock, broad bean and mustard vinaigrette risotto with a poached egg sitting atop. The risotto was glutinous and thick, perfectly cooked and a little like the jelly surrounding a pork pie (which is nearly the best bit) and the ham hock was tasty like a pork rillette. The broad beans were fresh and interesting but they’d have been even nicer if they had been peeled, less bitter and more green and sweet. The egg was poached perfectly so that the yolk was creamy and not runny and the mustard in the vinaigrette lent a lightness and a tartness that the thick risotto needed. It was delicious and fortifying.

The waitress had recommended the duck as a main course. Seared duck breast on a bed of noodles and stir fried vegetables with a sweet chilli ketchup and soy sauce. It was a good recommendation. I was offered a choice of the duck pink or well done and I chose pink. It was perfectly cooked. The ketchup was an odd and not entirely necessary addition, it wasn’t that it wasn’t nice, it made the plate horribly messy though and I can’t stand it when everything becomes messy on my plate. There were toasted cashew nuts scattered about and while nice, they did create a teeth minefield. They provided a good clear conterast and the noodles were delicious. There was even a bit of asparagus which was exciting and heralded the start of the new asparagus season.

It was a lovely meal and a nice way to come home to Liverpool.


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