Only the best Ice Cream Ever!

Driving home from Cornwall on Friday (more of which to follow), Mum swerved into a layby at great speed. This could only mean one thing, she had seen a sign for something to eat. This layby in question was just outside of Honiton on the A30 and had a sign to award-winning ice cream.

My mother is mad about ice cream. So mad about it, she once drove all the way to the end of the drive of a dairy that made ice cream, having finished a cone, and drove back and bought another. Sometimes on holiday, she has more than two ice creams in one day! We’re a family that love ice cream though as early photos can attest to!

The Otter Valley Ice Cream summer house is something else though and definitely worth a visit if you’re in that part of the world. The cows that produce the milk are ambling in a field behind (you can see them in the photo behind) and the flavours are like none you will have ever seen before: Rhubarb & Ginger and Raspberry Pavlova, for example.

Mum bought herself something vanilla-ish and Rice Pudding with Raspberry Jam. I had a Banoffee Pie and a spoon of Honeycomb Crunch and they were absolutely delicious. Huge great mounds of creamy goodness, none of that horrible ice to be found in cheap ice cream. They don’t explain what breed of cows they are, my Dad could probably tell from the photo, but they’re exceptionally brilliant cows to produce such good ice cream!!

So, the next time you’re heading down the A30 close to Honiton, keep an eye out for the signs!!


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