Life Changing, Rice Making

There is no worse feeling than not being able to remember song lyrics. Well there is one and to be frank, losing my job yesterday does actually surpass all over annoying feelings but not being able to remember song lyrics is pretty bad. Perhaps worse than stubbing your toe or shutting your new caramel coat in a car door in a muddy rainstorm. But yesterday, I got some song lyrics stuck in my head and I could not resolve them! I have now realised that they were En Vogue ‘Don’t Let Go’ but it’s taken me nearly twenty four hours to work that out. And only because that strange little moment sidled into your brain where ‘mehhh meh meh’ turned into ‘heart breaking, soul shaking’ and suddenly the whole song came flying back into my brain.

As I mentioned very briefly above, I have to leave my current job at the beginning of next month which isn’t far away. Business needs have dictated that I’m no longer a requirement which is fairly heartbreaking when you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into a company and suddenly find yourself turfed out. I am very lucky to have never been in a situation before where it hasn’t been my personal choice to move on and I’ve survived previous redundancy situations by the skin of my teeth.

However, I am fighting my normal tendency to sit and sob by realising that really it’s probably a lifeline for me to make the sort of important decisions about the future that I’ve been avoiding. I’m very lucky that I have the comfort to take my time and decide what to do next, albeit while pouring pints!

Anyway, I’m a firm believer that as one door closes, another opens and this happened to me yesterday. I have, in 27 years, never mastered rice cooking. It’s not so much that I can’t, but that people confused me with rinsing and talk of cups and sieves and boiling and lids and simmering and more rinsing and it all seemed more than I could achieve. With this in mind, I would wait for clever friends to be around so that they could cook the rice and I could do the other things. I always wanted a rice cooker, and really still do, because the fluffiness of rice cooker rice is amazing.

But last night, knowing this to be the first day of the rest of my life, I decided to crack the ancient art of rice cooking. I did cheat by ringing The Boy who has done most of my rice cooking for me over the years. I always remembered him doing a lot of faffing about with a mug, as did my friend Tim, so I had a mug primed ready for this eventuality. Ant explained that the mug was only to measure the rice out and despite my protestations that I’m sure it was a more important aspect than that, he silenced me and told me to put it in a pan and boil it. Now this does not sound like the rice cooking I had feared!

It’s not a really a recipe but because I’m so proud of myself for actually cooking lovely steamy white fluffy rice that I’m going to teach you my new recipe:

Ingredients: Rice, Water, Salt

  1. Place a pan of water on to boil. Add a pinch of salt.
  2. Use a mug to measure out the rice, half a cup per person.
  3. Add the rice to the boiling water, you don’t need to rinse it first.Stir once to stop the rice from sticking to the bottom and simmer for about 12 minutes without a lid on it.
  4. When plump and fluffy, drain in a sieve. Pour over boiling water to rinse and put back in the pan. You can then cover with a lid for a couple of minutes for added fluff.
  5. Serve!

I made myself a little stir fry to go with this but frankly, the rice was more exciting!


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