Happy Father’s Day

My Dad..

  • is a qualified bat inspector – the flying type and not the cricket type
  • used to play rugby in a number 3 shirt
  • has great eyebrows
  • can look at the sky on a Wednesday and tell you what the weather will be like on Sunday
  • does terrible things with corned beef
  • thinks I make the best cup of tea
  • looks a little bit like Ronnie Corbett (i think a lot, he doesn’t agree thus a compromise of a little bit)
  • always carries a red and white spotty hanky (i have one in my handbag at the moment)
  • knows what to say when things are looking a bit bleak
  • tells the funniest jokes EVER
  • has always wanted a Jack Russell
  • makes flat caps look cool
  • knows how to look after pheasants
  • can grow anything
  • will eat nearly anything except Jugged Hare..
  • appreciates a good glass of wine
  • is a great shot
  • used to take me for ham, egg and chips on a Saturday lunch
  • bought me ‘The Sound of Music’ video
  • loves Doctor Zhivago and the King and I
  • could beat you in a fight
  • looked like James Dean when he was a teenager
  • knows a lot about cider apples
  • is a great hugger
  • could drink you under the table

He’s also my hero. x x







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