Miss Pattenden and I take lunch..

I like the title of this post. It reminds me of the book ‘Miss Pettigrew Lives For The Day’ which is a wonderful book and definitely worth reading if you haven’t read it before. It’s set in the 1920s and charts the progress of a woman whose life turns upside down in the space of 24 hours due to a misunderstanding. They brought a film out of it a year or so ago and I would like the furniture in it so very much.

But this is beside the point as I was lunching with Miss Pattenden who is far cooler and possibly more mad than any other person I ever knew.

Miss Pattenden

She is also an absolute treat and a real star and has the most wonderful dog called Nessa who has her own Facebook page! Rachel, Miss Pattenden, used to have a cat called Barry who was a girl but since Nessa arrived, Barry is going to be living elsewhere which is very sad. Rachel used to do the job I was doing before I lost my job. She’s such a good person and she’s great to work with, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who hasn’t got great things to say about her. But enough of the hero worship, on with the food.

The nice thing about working in the middle of Liverpool is that at lunchtime, you can get out of the office and be somewhere nice for lunch and back again within an hour. Rachel and I arranged to meet for lunch at the Restaurant, Bar and Grill on Brunswick Street which is a beautiful old building, set in an old banking hall. The bar takes central stage in the middle of the room, all warm wood and glitteringly polished glasses. It’s a lovely spot and always feels a bit special!

The waitress who came to take our order was polite and seriously efficient. We ordered two Diet cokes and were absolutely overjoyed when we brought some complimentary bread rolls with a type of salsa verde to dip them in. They were still warm from the oven and we decided we could get used to things like this!

Special Bread

As Rachel and I had an hour, we ordered in a rush but there’s an excellent selection of small dishes, salads, mezze platters and sandwiches on offer at lunchtime. It is quite expensive for Liverpool but most meals range from between £6-£12 and the sizings are generous. We both ordered the steak sandwich, rare, (£9.75) and with a side of onion rings (£3.50).

Our food arrived quickly and the steak was rare but perfectly cooked and on a lovely ciabatta type bread topped with polenta, which went everywhere. They came with chips that were long and stringy and also with a side of bearnaise sauce which was piquant and herby and perfect with the charred steak. The onion rings were enormous great discs of savoury joy. They must have been beer battered and prepare in-house which you would expect from the RBG and were absolutely delicious.

Our treats

Our Drinks

Seriously stringy chips


mahoosive onion rings


So Rachel and I were in a rush to get back to work so paid and ran but there was a seriously good drinks list if we could have stayed all afternoon! It was a lovely way to spend lunch and definitely worth it for a Treat Friday or Payday Splurge.

The Restaurant Bar & Grill, Halifax House, Brunswick Street, Liverpool, L2 0UU.



0151 236 6703


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