So Sorry I’ve been Quiet… The Crimson Whip

Apologies for the silence. The combined ill fortune of being extremely busy and forgetting my laptop cable means that I have neglected you all of late.

On Tuesday night, The Girl with the Wooden Spoon appeared at the Kazimier in Liverpool at a burlesque show, The Crimson Whip Presents. Not dancing, I hasten to add! God forbid! Showing off our wares…

Anyway, it was an absolutely brilliant night and I had such fun taking my baked goods out to the masses. We sold far more than we thought we would (special thanks to the ladies who bought about 50 cupcakes over the night and massive thanks to anyone who bought anything!) and we had requests for future events and some interesting things in the pipeline so Hurrah!

I have uploaded a bunch of photos for you. I shall include some recipes from the evening soon but I don’t want to give my secret cupcake recipe away!

waiting for a space in the oven

vanilla cupcakes


beginning the icing

Gingerbread frosting and crushed Ginger nuts

tattoo style cupcakes

Handmade Angel Toppers

Devil toppers

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell Cupcakes

Kiss My Lips Cupcakes

Pop My Cherry Cupcakes

Sugar and Spice and Tattoo You Cupcakes


The Whole Affair

If you would like cupcakes made for any occasion, please let me know via the Contact Details on the left of the page…


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