Jumi Cheese

One day in the late summer, we came back from a thrilling day at IKEA to find a nice Swiss chap at the shop talking to Mum about cheese. Now we have quite a few reps come through with their wares and often we’re rather disinterested unless they have something really unusual or special and we’re rather more swayed when samples are involved, but this chap was different. The cheese, he brought to show us, was unlike many we’d seen before and while there were some familiar names such as Emmentaler, there were some really unusual things and above all the flavour was amazing and some of the best quality Swiss cheese we’ve ever seen. The chap himself was really knowledgable about cheese and heavy handed with the samples – which scored some serious bonus points from us. With such great examples, we ordered some and they have been a huge success ever since.

Five years ago, Juerg and Mike set up Jumi, with the sole intention of ensuring the cheese they produced was of the highest quality; from the milking of their cows right through to the delivery to their customers. They receive their cheese from small family dairies in Switzerland. Urs Glauser has small dairies in Oberhünigen and Steinen, son Christoph Glauser has a dairy in Zäziwil and uncle Peter Glauser has a cheese production in Belp. All these different dairies are placed in the Emmental a small region near Berne the capital of Switzerland.

They currently have a stall at Borough Market and are obviously stocked at Wells Stores, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Amongst my favourites are La Bouse, Belper Knolle, Schneeflockli, Creme de Chevre and the Apres-Soleil.

La Bouse

A lovely triple cream cheese. The name means cowpat which is different! This is a small individual cheese visible in the bottom right hand corner of the photograph above.  Like a small Chaource or Vignottes, this would make a lovely feature of a cheeseboard.

Belper Knolle

This really unusual cheese is unique to Jumi. This is a firm round little cheese with the addition of black pepper, garlic and Himalyan salt. This small round cheese is matured for around 15 weeks and then hand-wrapped and sold in a muslin bag.  The makers suggest serving the cheese either finely sliced, as you would with a fresh black or white truffle, or perfect crumbled or grated over your favourite salad or pasta dish.


The Schneeflockli means snowflake and is a great word to say over and over. It contains little specks of salt and is a hard cow’s milk cheese.


If you’re a fan of Beaufort, Comte or Gruyere, you’ll love this. It has a big, nutty taste but with that lovely sweetness that comes from these types of cheese. This is definitely one of my favourites and I would be tempted to put this in a fondue. (Mental note: must have more fondue!) It’s a cow’s milk, unpasteurised cheese.

Creme de Chevre

A lovely goat’s milk cheese shaped like a small brie and extremely creamy. This would be lovely roasted in a small dish like a camembert but is equally lovely with bread.


If you fancy trying something different or unusual in the world of cheese, I really recommend trying the cheese produced and exported by Jumi. They’re exciting and would be lovely for Christmas or as gifts with a bottle of wine or a jar of homemade chutney.


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