The Week that Was (belatedly)

I have decided that each week, I shall upload a heap of photos from my week, both food related and non-food related. You can see a bit more of what I do when I’m not answering phones about IT questions or shouting at banana bread and it makes my insatiable Instagram habit more purposeful.


This is the set for last week, (I intend to upload these on a Sunday) but we had no internet last week so this is a bit late.


Hope you enjoy a little insight into my weeks.

the week 03-03


sunglasses on = sunshine * a mr whippy on the beach * barcelona prep * a heartwarming sight * my to do list’s suggestion

the imperious cat * the sunsetting on formby beach

hairstyle temping at @sococorouge beauty salon * liverpool sunsets * favourite scarf * driving to the beach with the bff * mini eggs time of year!


You can follow me on twitter too: @girlwoodenspoon. Mostly I talk about biscuits and nail art but occasionally I talk about food I’m eating or making.


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