Time Out

Hello there, Hi..

I’m going to apologise now and I don’t believe you should apologise unless you’ve done something really dreadful but I have done something really dreadful in abandoning you.

It wasn’t intentional and it happens often enough that you should recognise it by now. Several things have happened and several things are in the offing.. It’s very much THAT time of year.

Recently I went to Barcelona, came home and found my house broken into and my most precious belongings in the world (other than my parents) taken, I then felt a bit better and then, as with all these things, ultimately felt a lot worse. I wondered what I was doing and why and should I do something else and where should I be and why wasn’t I happy and it all made everything even more grey.

But then the clocks changed and I realised that I had some amazing friends who sat by during the grey bit, as they always do, and that now the evenings feel charged with possibilities and I’m going to start swimming again. So I’ve been out for meals and I’ve been down to Oxford and right now, I feel like I’m on my way to pre-Barcelona perky!

So whilst I gather some thoughts about food and the like, as well as the hard work and grit going into organising the launch of thegirlwiththewoodenspoon.co.uk this summer, I shall give you a little rundown of the things I’ve been considering/pondering/questioning lately. I warn you in advance, it will range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

1) Love, weddings etc.

I went to the most wonderful wedding at the end of last week which made me think long and hard about love and commitment and the idea of soulmates. It would seem to me that the bride and groom were at the very least soulmates and it seemed such a display of union. In the past, I’ve found myself attending weddings and thinking that it was all very soppy and unnecessary (none of the weddings of my loved ones, I should add) but this wedding changed the game for me. I realised that there are really amazing people out there who are perfect for each other and that we’ll each find them in our own time. My friend, Claire, the bride of last week, also reminded me how stunning a fishtail gown looks, especially in ivory lace, and her father made a beautiful speech that made me sniffle and wish I saw my Dad more often.

2) Moving:

It’s pretty much a given that my housemate and I will be looking to move to pastures new soon. It’s been seven years in one house and it’s very much home but I think I feel like a fresh start, away from painful memories etc. The long and short of it is that I am fiercely loyal to the Georgian Quarter and my housemate isn’t terribly certain why. I don’t think we’ll ever find somewhere that suits us both, and in truth I’ve been spoiled for the last seven years. What my flat lacks in kitchen, it makes up for in space and charm. It’s also the first time, lately, that I’ve considered moving to London. It had never been on my agenda and I looked at friends living in London and wondered why they’d want to but the more I think about, and I do think age might play a part, the more I think it’s something I could, and would like to, do. I can see myself with an Oyster card. So maybe 2013 will be the year of the upheaval.

3) Best friends

They are completely my rocks, and I’m always so grateful for the kindnesses they provide when things are pants, but also when things are great. I’m super lucky to have such cool bananas as friends.

4) Macaroni Cheese

Yack! I don’t know why I don’t like it and it’s giving me sleepless nights and plenty of soul searching trying to work out why. I love cheese, I love pasta, I love little added credits like pancetta or leeks or spinach and breadcrumbs, I’m nearly a cheerleader for breadcrumbs but macaroni cheese, yackety yack! I don’t like white sauces, perhaps that’s it. No matter how well cooked the white sauce and how little flour remains, I can taste the flour. It’s a bit like my phobia of dishcloths, and until recently mince, I think I might be sensitive to the texture of things. Oh the touch of a dishcloth, ack! The thought of wiping something down with them, ergghh. I feel less strongly about J cloths but they have such a weird texture, slimy and soft. Yuck! Bleurk. The same of the texture of a white sauce, all floury and starchy. Ick.

I did warn you that the quality would disintegrate by the end…

Anyway, so there’s a heap of things I’ve considered. I shall share with you a handful of photographs too, just to keep you up to date…

combo picSpeak soon…. xx


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