Buttermilk Onion Rings. You can thank me later..

A very kind friend of mine created me this thing called a Wordle. It’s a map of words taken from a website, in this case thegirlwiththewoodenspoon.wordpress.com, and the more frequently used the word, the larger it is. I present to you my Wordle. I LOVE that the words THINK LOVE REALLY and LIKE are so prominent and hiding behind them are words like lemon, parmesan, supper and tomato. I’ve ordered myself a copy of this to frame in the house because I’m really proud those are all my words!


Other than this, I have a recipe for you and it’s a cracker. It’ll make your house smell like a pub kitchen but it’ll make you friends by the coachload. If I had the sort of life where I watched group sports, except rugby which is different because that’s more often pub based, and cared about the results, I might make these for my group of friends to drink beer with and eat with corn and blue cheese dips and buffalo wings. I would also make these to go with my soon to be tested fried chicken recipe and perhaps even with a simple griddled steak. I won’t lie to you and pretend they’re a health food, they’re really not. Far from it. You can counteract the calorie impression with a salad but really, do you really want onion rings with salad? No, me neither.

These are marinaded for a while in buttermilk, which I know is so hard to find in supermarkets.. Except it’s not, ha! It’s now in my useless Tesco (how come that supermarket comes up so often in our conversations!) round the corner, packaged up in a Polish label but in a huge carton perfect for the fridge door and for making scones and pancakes and fried chicken… And a HUGE carton of it was only a pound. Bargain. So anyway, back to the point, you can marinade these in just buttermilk or other things and buttermilk. I used salt, pepper, smoky tabasco sauce and paprika. You then dredge them through flour. It’s really horridly simple. What isn’t horridly simple is the dicing with death process of deep frying things but I believe if you’re sensible, you use a smaller burner than your first intention, you make sure you stand very far back and use many long limbed implements and you encourage all vulnerable people/animals out of the kitchen, you’ll be ok. I chased the cat out with much grumbly, roaring noises because I didn’t want her curiosity to upturn the vat of boiling oil. I also burned my finger. These are all things that I don’t recommend.

I do recommend the onion rings though. They were delicious. Properly crispy and delicious. I was actually surprised how well they turned out. I also recommend using Crisp’n’Dry oil which saves them from feeling ridiculously over greasy. I also recommend using a very small high sided pan, I used the milk pan, with a heavy base to stop it from tipping. I recommend finding two or three long handled spoons so you always have plenty of grip and tongs to lever onion from marinade to flour to pan. You can use a cooking thermometer but I use the old fashioned ‘throwing something in and waiting till it fizzles’ method. Eat with copious amounts of sour cream and chive dip.

onion rings


Buttermilk Onion Rings

makes about 25-30 onion rings

  • a white onion
  • tabasco, paprika, cayenne, salt and pepper, really whatever you fancy perhaps garlic salt or chopped chives or dried chillies
  • a pint of buttermilk, or enough to cover the onion
  • 2 cups of plain flour
  • other flavourings for the flour, I used cayenne but you could go wild with anything really and salt and pepper
  • a pint, maybe a bit more of crisp n dry
  1. Slice the white onion into rings. You can use the little inside chunky bits in a salad or pie or something. Separate the rings and tip into a bowl. At this point, you can add whatever you fancy. As I mentioned, I threw in some smoked tabasco, paprika, cayenne pepper and salt and pepper and then topped the bowl with buttermilk, until the onions were submerged. Leave this for about 15 minutes.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix the flour, salt and pepper with any thing you fancy, such as garlic salt or cayenne pepper.
  3. Pour the oil into a cold, heavy based, quite small saucepan, you’ll cook the onion rings in batches so don’t worry that it’s too small. The smaller the better because no one wants to be messing around with large quantities of boiling oil. Especially if there’s no trained first aider. Heat the oil until hot enough that a breadcrumb thrown into the oil hisses and sizzles about violently.
  4. At this point, using tongs, remove 5 (ish) rings of onion from the buttermilk and dredge through the flour, making sure they’re well coated. Gently lower in the hot oil, making sure not to splash yourself. It might be an idea to wear rubber gloves or something which won’t save you from major injury but may keep your from little splashes. Leave these to fry for about a minute, two minutes, until brown and crispy and using a slotted spoon, remove from the oil. Drain on kitchen towel.
  5. Repeat this process in batches and serve with a dip.



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