Some things to entertain you and make you smile…

1) I shall be reading this book this week, I’ve chosen to read it now so I can get into my Mum’s bed if it scares me. It’s meant to be brilliant but I’m thoroughly wimpish about scary things. I shall let you know if I enjoy it but it’s going to be one of the huge hits of the summer, so I’m told

2) This article made me howl with laughter this week. Everyone needs to touch base every couple of months and remind themselves why they’re not Carrie Bradshaw… She’s such a strange woman, but she does have good shoes. She’s also a really terrible writer, for a journalist…

3) I found this website a while ago. I think it might be one of the best known things on the internets but have you ever wondered whether Ryan Gosling is cuter than a puppy, wonder no more!

4) These peanut butter cupcakes look amazing, I think you should make them and then give them to me! And while we’re on the subject of baking, I love this article by Domestic Sluttery about baking disasters and how to turn them around.. Useful to have stuck to the fridge, I think.

5) A picture of the cat lurking in my bookcase, keeping it real:



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