Cacao Sampaka – Ferran Adrià, Barcelona

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Before El Bulli closed in 2011, it was considered, and often voted, the best restaurant in the world. A small restaurant sitting on top of a bay looking out on the Costa Brava, it had not only 3 Michelin stars, but despite only being able to sit 8000 diners a year it received requests for 2,0000000. That is quite the waiting list! Ferran Adria was the chef, since 1980, and now travels the world, speaking and working on culinary projects. This chocolate shop is owned by him and his brother and its clear on the inside how much a part molecular gastronomy plays.

The shop is separated into two sections, a cafe at the rear serving their famous hot chocolates and chocolate infused food and the front of the shop is like a grown up Willy Wonka. There are amazing combinations of flavours, some which you think you might leave to other people (like anchovy) and some that you would happily try (like white chocolate and bergamot). I stocked up on plenty of presents for family and friends, fascinated by the different shapes, colours and flavours.

Definitely worth a trip if you’re in Barcelona, this is once again located off the Passeig de Gracias. Nearby was an amazing stationery shop, where I whiled away at least 30 minutes gazing at notebooks. If you love notebooks, I would recommend wandering around and finding this stationers. It was dreamy and smelled of new paper.

Cacao Sampaka, Calle de Orellana, 4, 28004 Madrid, España
Phone: 913 195 840

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