A little bit more Barcelona

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Here, I’ve just uploaded the last few remaining pictures of my trip to Barcelona to stop them from languishing, unloved, on my iPhone’s memory..

You can imagine that on a sunny day the Sagrada Familia, below, would be quite amazing. It was pretty amazing on a grey, wet and windy day in March. The huge church, started in 1882 but joined by Gaudi in 1883, looms over the Barcelona city skies. Gaudi left the church unfinished at the time of his death in 1926 and since then the Sagrada Familia has been a building in construction. The locals say that the cranes are as much a part of the building as the spires. The architects and contructors hope to complete it in 2026, in line with the centenary since Gaudi died. It’s an amazing building, architecturally, a mass of different styles and themes. If you go to Barcelona, it’s a breathtaking sight and a lovely walk down through the quiet back streets of the city to get there. It’s also worth taking a guide book so you can appreciate the different facades and elements, each different and with its own story and meaning.

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Another Gaudi work below. You don’t go far in Barcelona without finding Gaudi’s work. This was on the corner of a street, close to my hotel. La Pedrera has this wonderful undulating form to the frontage of the building, the balconies feel as if they’re wrapped around the facade. The roof is also amazing, with different chimneys and skylights. Slightly further down the Passeig de Gracia is another of Gaudi’s most famous buildings, Casa Batllo. Known locally as the House of Bones, it looks like a sleeping dragon.

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Some rainy city streets. This is the frontage of Tapas 24, place of the best pudding I have ever eaten.

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