The Hidden Hut, Porthcurnick Beach, Cornwall

If I could retire tomorrow and go and live by the sea, I would like to think I might spend every day (except the rainy ones, well the really rainy ones) sitting at a table outside The Hidden Hut, perched outside Porthcurnick Beach.

I could never get bored of this view:


or the colour of this sea:


On a recent trip to Cornwall, on one of our few sunny days, Mum and I wanted to make the most of the sunshine and while away a few hours feeling the sun on our faces and smelling the sea. A lady in St Mawes suggested we visit The Hidden Hut, which has featured on Caroline Quentin’s series about Cornwall on ITV.

Located about 10 minutes’ drive from St Mawes and on the side of the beach, tucked around a corner, in fact we couldn’t find it at first, The Hidden Hut must have one of the best views in the whole of the south of England. Owned by lovely people, it’s an old National Trust cafe that sits back from the beach and serves delicious and simple lunches and hosts the most amazing sounding evenings in the summer, such as paella nights and roasted belly pork, where you take your cutlery and plates and blankets and tuck in for the princely sum of between £10 and £20. See this year’s calendar here:

It was such a beautiful day, we sat on the lovely benches looking out at the above sea. We both ordered the smoked haddock chowder, which memory serves me was about £6 a pot and this came with some lovely crusty granary bread, proper spoons and a hunk of butter. The smoked haddock chowder was one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten. Thick and creamy, savoury and salty, huge chunks of smoked haddock, potato and bacon. It was an absolute treat and I would implore anyone to visit. The people next to us were eating a lovely looking Chicken Tagine with couscous which also smelled amazing. They served a selection of filled foccacias and some lovely looking hot pasties as well as a great selection of cakes.



If you are down towards St Mawes, or slightly further afield such as Falmouth, Truro or St Austell, this is well worth a visit. We spent the afternoon reading on the beach, followed by a slab of delicious Rocky Road and a cup of Earl Grey on our way back up the hill.

Check out their website for further information:


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