The cupcakes that Kelly and I made

Back in March, which feels like a terribly long time ago now, my friend Kelly and I took part in the O-Very Bake Off in aid of the NWCR charity, a great local charity that I like to support where I can. Their deets are here: Such exclusive judges such as Cherry Healey and the lady who won Masterchef were in attendance, and then as with all things the snow started coming down, not heavy enough to put us all off though.

Kelly and I decided we would do ‘rockabilly’ style cupcakes, both in tribute to her love of kitsch tattoos and also as a backlash to the sweet, girly cupcakes you see so many of. Kelly was dispatched to Lakeland to buy cupcake cases and food dyes and we had an evening of baking at my house. Due to a slight lack of concentration, it being about 10pm when we started and various other factors (namely a useless pair of kitchen scales), the cakes didn’t turn out taste-wise very well. However, what they lacked in moisture and flavour, they made up for in style and panache. We handmade the heart and bluebird toppers to sit on the cakes and Kelly handmade cherries, using that green stuff (?!! I cannot remember the name!) and glace cherries to sit on the other bath of cupcakes. We had decided previously that we would use records as a cake stand and so Kelly managed to create a 3 tier cake stand with the fittings from a normal ceramic one.

Below are a handful of photos so you can see what we got up to. We’ve obviously didn’t win but Cherry Healey tweeted a photo of our cakes and we got over a 1000 likes! We were also featured in the Liverpool Echo! We’re already plotting for next year and we will be bringing out the big guns.

cupcakes heart

i’m loving it

cupcakes swallow

is it a bluebird, is it a swallow?


awaiting their trip in the snow

cupcakes 1

excuse the cardboard box

cupcake 2

the finished article


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