Link-tastic Tuesdays.. Things I’ve seen around these parts..


I would like someone to make me this cake:

What beautiful guides to European cities, I really want to go to Copenhagen now:

I’d like these hanging all over the garden with candles for my next birthday party:

I know this is a bit out of season but I really want to make one of these:  and in the same vein, I need one of these badly:

Ryan Gosling and Jane Austen – want more? no, there is no more:

This article makes me want to go back to Paris tomorrow:

I’ve just downloaded this to read on my Kindle. I love the Mindy Project and think it might be a little bit about my life. Try if you like Miranda and other funny, snorty ladies:

I’m going to a 20s evening next weekend and oh, what I would give for this dress:

Finally, this whole website is amazing but I love these coasters:


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