Writing on Mugs: Uses for the Stationery Cupboard


I am a menace to all stationery cupboards, it’s not borne out of any malice or greed or an attempt to bring down ‘the man’ one highlighter at a time, I just love stationery. My father loves stationery; perhaps it’s genetic. When I was small, we would go to the art supplies shop in Newbury and read the names on the lids of the watercolour paints. I still love the names for paint colours. My mum’s shop was next to a stationer’s when I was a child and I would go round with some coins and choose what to buy, I could eke this process out for hours. I collect notebooks, beautiful, beautiful notebooks except I daren’t write in them lest I not save them for the right thing. I tend to buy boring exercise books for writing and keep my notebooks for best. Except I’m not sure I’ll ever find an occasion worthy enough.

One of my absolute highlights in the stationery world is pens. I will spend a vast amount of time seeking the perfect pen. Our stationery cupboard did have the perfect pen and I used these with absolute joy, they’ve never got that pen again and it makes me sad every time. Sharpies are the absolute king of pens though, they write beautifully, they write on anything. I dream of the day I source a gold one. So when I got home the other night and I found I’d put my work Sharpie in my bag, I knew exactly what I wanted to do… Writing on cups and mugs!

I know you’re thinking this is a food blog and I’m wittering about crafty things but I have seen some amazing examples of this with the coloured sharpies. Dinner services that would give Anthopologie a run for their money (sidenote: I would live in Anthropologie if they let me!). The gypsy-ish print that Cath Kidston does, you could create that with a Sharpie. Polka dots, yes! Aztec cowboy high jinks, Sharpies are your friends. This post isn’t sponsored by Sharpie by the way, I just really love pens. Serving dishes and salad bowls, ceramic spoons or clocks, glass jugs… the list is endless!

So anyway, writing on mugs/cups is very simple. You want a fresh cup of mug, I obviously used plain white but some people I imagine would come up with amazing ideas for decorated or coloured mugs. I wiped these down with watered down nail polish remover just to get rid of any grease or marks that might affect the set. I then did some writing. I have plans to draw some things but I wanted to practice a bit first and I’m a bit scared of drawing. I’ll update you when I do. I made the mugs below based on a few things I’d seen on Pinterest. (David is the coffee drinker, I’ll drink most pink types of teabag)

You just need to set what ever you like down on your cup. Some people use gold Sharpies, that effect is amazing. When the ink is dry, you can bake this in the oven at 140C for about 30 minutes. This should set the ink. I would add a word of caution that they probably won’t respond well to a dishwasher. Probably best for hand-washing and light-to-moderate usage!

Imagine the other things you could do, you could have a whole dinner service!



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