Insalata Caprese – possibly the most beautiful salad ever

I’m just dipping in quickly with another super quick light supper for the summer. I apologise for the radio silence recently but things are a bit up in the air at the moment, I’m packing up my wooden spoons to return to Oxford for the foreseeable future. After ten amazing years in Liverpool, I’ve been offered a great job back in Oxford and so I’ve accepted it and the packing has commenced! If I don’t update as often, it’s because I’m floundering beneath seven years of bad fashion, forgotten photos and mix tapes! Also I have loaned my laptop to a friend to begin his work as a Head Chef in charge of the development of a brand new restaurant so I’m often without computer access.

Anyway, enough excuses, please accept this salad in the interim and I promise to be back soon.


You don’t really need a recipe for this but just look at those colours. I’m a mozzarella fiend, especially buffalo mozzarella. This is possibly the best thing I can think to eat on a hot day. Slice a tomato, cover it in salt and pepper and leave it for quite a long time so the salt and pepper can do their thing, I’m not sure what their thing is but my, it tastes amazing. Slice some mozzarella over the top. Throw on some basil leaves. In a small jar/jug, whisk some pesto with some olive oil. Drizzle over the top. Eat immediately, with or without crusty bread.

Back soon. I promise.


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