Mary’s Cornish Pasties



The hands modelling the Cornish Pasties belong to my mother. The crumbs from the Cornish Pasties are still residing in my mother’s car.

Quite frankly, I’ve eaten and I’ve made a lot of Cornish Pasties in my life. And these from Mary’s Pasties at Tresillian Garden Centre are the best EVER. Every year, we make a detour on the way home to get a pasty each for the journey and it’s always these ones.

Mary is a local lady who supplies, handmade, all the pasties herself to local garages and sells them from the tearoom in Tresillian Garden Centre. They’re so tasty, thick crunchy pastry, really peppery, good gravy, nice chunks of meat and lots of vegetables.

If you’re on your way home from a Cornish holiday this summer, between Truro and St Austell, you have to stop here and have a pasty… BEST EVER!


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