Farmers’ Markets

Hoping to start selling my homemade items in October..!


One thought on “Farmers’ Markets

  1. Martin Giblin says:

    Eleanor, I have only just found your blog today, and think that it is brilliant. Well Done!
    I visited The Quater in Falkner Street yesterday evening for the 1st time and was blown away, not least because I used to own the building that is now the Deli end of the restaurant (it was no.17 Falkner Street, and was a small grocers shop when I owned it 25+ years ago – called ‘GIBLINS). I think that they have done a great job with what was frankly a bit of a run down back water behind theRoyal Philharmonic Hall.
    Anyway, reason for contact is to ask if you have enquired at The Quater to see if you can market your produce there. Either you sell it to them for both restaurant service, and Deli sales, or perhaps you could suggest that they sell it in the Deli on your behalf for a cut. Your produce and their set up seems like a match made in heaven. Forgive me for poking my nose in if you have already been there and got the tee shirt. Hope you don’t mind.
    kind regards, Martin Giblin..

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