The Top Ten

The Top 10

I have compiled a list of the Top Ten posts as voted by the people who read this….

1. Apple and Raspberry Pie – vital pastry goodness

2.  Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute cod – lovely roasted cod with a tapenade and crumb

3. Peaches and Cream Cupcakes – who doesn’t like a more-ish cupcake?!

4. Baumtorte – an amazing book and an amazing cake

5. Cumbria – a trip to the Lake District (pts 1 and 2)

6. G&D’s Ice Cream, Oxford – more ice cream than you can ever hope to eat

7. Crispy Belly Pork – crispy, crunch, savoury, Friday night supper

8. Holy Mackerel – smoked mackerel pate for a lazy day

9. Chicken & Mango Salad – salad artistry for large groups

10. Soda Bread – the quickest bread recipe in the world


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